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Here is what some of our customers are saying about Paul and his work with classic Citroens while at Citroen Concours of America and Citroen Classics of America. 

“Paul Heilig and Citroen Classics of America have become my 'go to' solution for questions, sourcing and repairs for our Citroen collection.  We just completed an exhibition that featured 46 Citroens to recognize and celebrate their 100th anniversary celebration in our Oxnard museum.  I can easily testify to the importance of having a Citroen expert like Paul to make sure we properly recognized the 'Best of the Best' in Citroen’s long history.  When I have a question or problem I have no hesitation to bring Paul in.”

- Peter Mullin, The Mullin Automotive Museum

“Paul Heilig has been an incredible assistant in the restoration of Jay Leno's Citroen DS 21.  Never hurried, always willing to help, and certainly knowledgeable.  Stages of the restoration required his expertise which proved his excellent quality and workmanship. Paul's unselfishness lifts him to the top of his field.”


- George S., Mechanic, Jay Leno's Garage

“Paul Heilig has been simply amazing with his wealth of Citroen knowledge and expertise.  Paul is my go-to parts person when I need something ASAP and has always come through in my time of need.  I have the pleasure of working on the Citroen DS20 used on The Mentalist television series.  Paul understands how challenging the film industry can be and on many occasions has met me on location or on the set to bring me parts or help me with an issue I am having with the car.  I can't think of many people that have the drive and dedication that Paul has.  I always look forward to working with Paul; it is a real pleasure to work with him.”

- Craig D., Mechanic, Warner Brothers Studios

“Very interestingly Paul Heilig's name kept coming up when discussing anything Citroen. I'd been working with someone else that was pretty good but decided to call Paul with a particular situation regarding Francis Ford Coppola's Citroen Chapron DS Prestige.  The level of understanding of the entire car and the love he has plays a big part in the complete service experience.  Paul found things my other mechanic didn't even know how to look for.  Paul knows Citroens better than anyone I have ever spoken to and that includes people in France.  His work is thorough and it makes me feel confident about the car for the first time.”

- Josh H., JoshCAR


"Whether you are a professional mechanic or a hobbyist, you will find Paul Heilig with Citroen Classics of America to furnish the very highest standard of care available in parts, service and technical knowledge, which Paul very graciously shares. Paul's parts and retro fit solutions are above and beyond anything I have seen. With a few pieces, I tuned up my Citroen DS and it is running better than ever. Paul's desire and dedication to see my car running well and his willingness to help with that challenge is beyond exceptional, it is unique. This comes from someone who has owned a number of vintage vehicles over the years that are supposedly easy brands to deal with. Paul's work ethic and dedication are already legendary and now he has acquired another fan and loyal customer in me. I am beyond impressed; I am in a state of gratitude!"


- David G., Playwright/Director

“Using Citroen Classics was effortless.  The use of their Citroen automobiles in my film Ten Days and music videos Red Hot Lipstick and Shades provided an incredible look and feel to our productions.  The wide selection of cars they own helped us choose the best ones for our production design.  During all shoots, Paul Heilig was always ready to help us with any technical or mechanical issues.  It was a pleasure working with Paul and his staff in these productions and I will gladly use Citroen Classics again.”

- Daniel G., In Your Eyes Films

"I've known Paul Heilig since 1994 when I purchased my 1973 Citroen SM from him. I've been using him now for 20 years. That's longer than my dentist, my CPA and my doctor!  Unlike those guys, he does all the work himself.  I know him to be reliable and honest and very knowledgeable about the car. Furthermore, Paul is an excellent problem solver and somewhat of a sleuth when it comes to troubleshooting a mechanical problem. He really takes pride in his work and is up to date with the latest trends and advancements tempered by a deep respect for vintage.  He is a joy to work with and doesn't have an overinflated ego which sometimes comes with a specialty car mechanic."

- Bill L.

Lundby SM.jpg

"Paul and the staff at Citroen Classics have helped return my 1972 2CV to the road with a new engine, brakes and transmission. Workmanship, resourcefulness, quality and knowledge; Paul is a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, however, is Paul's integrity. I purchased my car from a somewhat questionable importer and the folks at Citroen Classics only wanted me to take possession of the car when it was safe and reliable.  Highly recommend!"

- Reed V.

"Paul Heilig is a wealth of knowledge! Ever so patient and willing to answer any questions we had on our client's Citroen DS21. Citroen Classics of America is our “go to” for everything Citroen.  Paul's knowledge and understanding of the vehicle and the function of its intricate systems were an integral part of the restoration."

- Dave H. of Coachwerks Restoration


“I purchased my first project car in 2010, a very rare Greek made 1982 Citroen Pony, and it was not running.  After searching, emailing and making several phone calls around the US I found Paul Heilig.  I described to Paul my cars needs and having never worked on such a vehicle he was up for the challenge so I delivered it to him in late 2010.  As things go, there were more issues than I originally thought but Paul was really good about explaining everything with a lot of detail and when available, offering other repair advice which would save me money in the long run.  His depth of knowledge and resources really show his genuine interest in preserving Citroens of the past for everyone to enjoy.

Recently, I shipped the car back to Paul for some minor issues and asked him to have a look at a small oil leak while the other repairs were being performed; his initial assessment was that the leak should not have existed because he had recently rebuilt the engine so he was determined to find the source of the problem.  Through my conversations with him, he took apart and reassembled the engine several times, seeking to correct the problem.  His “never give up” attitude eventually led him to the source of the problem and when the car was returned to me, he explained that he wouldn’t charge me for the 10-20 hours of work to address the oil leak.  This exercise in honesty is not something I see a lot these days and I really appreciate all he has done to get my car back on the road.”

- Tom K.

“I have been one of Paul Heilig’s customers for more than 15 years. I do most of my own work but I try and buy all my parts through Citroen Classics because the customer service and technical advice is simply some of the best available in the United States. Few people possess an across-the-board knowledge of Citroen cars like Paul and it is a pleasure to do business with him.

His shop area is clean, well-organized and fully equipped. His bench work is excellent, especially when it comes to repairing or rebuilding original parts that cannot be purchased new. When my orders show up, the parts are new and they work like new. Every specific detail (and there are plenty) is taken into account without fail because he knows what he is doing. I couldn’t ask for more and I am happy to have him as a resource, even if it does come at a price.  I consider it money well spent because the quality is there and my projects move forward in a positive fashion as a result.”

- Wally E.

Wally Escherich D.jpg

“We met Paul Heilig in 2009 shortly after we purchased a 1955 Citroen 11B Normale.  Our initial concern at the time of the purchase was where to find a local,knowledgeable and competent Citroen mechanic.  Then we met Paul, a great guy and an excellent mechanic.  Over the years he has been more than a mechanic, he has become a dear friend.

Paul has taken good care of the original 11B in addition to our 1972 DS21 Pallas, a 1963 2CV, and a 1939 Traction Avant Familiale, which is currently undergoing a full restoration.  Perhaps more important than the cars, we appreciate and enjoy Paul and his dear wife Monique’s friendship.

If you need help with your Citroen, Paul is the guy!”

- Ed and Diane V.

“Being interested in and owning several old, odd automobiles I am all too familiar with the difficulty of making sure they are properly serviced using the correct parts.  My 1970 Citroen Ami 8 is one of very few in the US and although it is a 2CV variant, there are detail 'packaging' differences requiring a specialist's care.  I was happy to see Paul Heilig at Citroen Classics welcome in 'mon ami'.  Paul ably handled deficiencies in her instrumentation, electrical, engine, drive shafts, and brake systems, returning her to me in fine fettle.  Enjoying over five hundred miles since Paul's work has been a piece of cake.  I am once again able to share the Ami 8 uniqueness with other motorists while personally benefiting from trouble-free motoring."

- Greg M.

“Over a period of more than three decades, Citroen Classics of America has come to the rescue of this Citroën owner on numerous occasions, and has always shown a willingness and ability to resolve problems.  Their dedication to the marquee and extensive mechanical and parts experience in a wide range of Citroën models can be counted on, whether for a basic repair or a major restoration.  CCA's North American and European contacts provide valuable backup for parts and technical advice.  If a needed part is unavailable and can't be rebuilt, CCA has proven an ability to devise solutions for most any situation.  Whether you are a Citroën owner, or are considering becoming one, you should regard CCA as a resource."

- Dennis L.

"I brought my 1973 Citroen 2CV to Paul Heilig of Citroen Classics of America because it desperately needed a new frame as well as some other repairs.  He made some recommendations and started into the project.  In addition to replacing the frame, extensive body work was also needed.  We discussed this and some other work that I was planning to do.  Based upon his expertise I determined it was more cost effective for Paul to do the work.  Over the course of the project he kept me advised of progress.  I now have my 2CV back and Paul did a fantastic job.  The car is solid and I plan on keeping it for many years.  I am a satisfied customer and highly recommend Paul Heilig for Citroen repairs or restorations."

- Rob F.

"Paul Heilig has been extremely helpful with supplying correct parts and knowledge to upgrade the hydraulic, mechanical and suspension systems in our latest project, a 2.5 liter CX blocked precision turboed Motec fuel injected 275 horsepower Henri Chaprone Citroen DS19. Thanks, Paul for all your help and I'm looking forward to working with you on the next Citroen project."

- Mick B., Mick Baker Race Cars

I started a rebuild on a 1970 DS21 Pallas with big hopes and dreams and no prior knowledge of working on one. Paul has been indispensable from the beginning, no matter how big or small my questions. Paul supports everything he sells with personalized service and support. He has great working knowledge of Citroens because he is hands-on and can trouble shoot problems at the spur of the moment. I always appreciate that Paul takes the time to answer my questions. One day I will finish this project.


- Jason M.

“I have to say that owning my second Citroen SM was a fun and interesting journey. Paul Heilig at Citroen Classics took such good care of my car that it was very hard for me to sell it. Paul did an excellent job and made my car one of the finest running SMs on the road, which was an actual quote from another Citroen mechanic.


I have enjoyed knowing Paul and over the years and I have thought of him as a good friend as well as an excellent mechanic and source for hard-to-find parts for my 1973 SM.”

- Joy G. 

"The Citroen-powered Trihawk 304 cyclecar is a rare bird among rare birds.  I am so pleased to have discovered Paul and Citroen Classics, virtually in my own backyard, after many years of fretting over and babying an aging (30-year-old) GSA motor.  Paul's detailed knowledge of the powerplant and thorough service has restored my confidence in the car and allows me to once again fully enjoy the upper end of the rev band.  His artisan's approach to the classic French machinery and informative discourse with the client is refreshing in an age of OBD-II plug-in diagnostics and throw-away vehicles. Trihawk owners need look no further than Citroen Classics for quality, dependable care for their cars."

- Steve G. 

When I bought my Citroen DS I knew I was going to have to put a lot of time and effort into the car but I lacked the knowledge. After doing some research I found that Paul Heilig was the man to talk to about my car. After building a relationship with Paul my research proved to be correct; Paul is an expert in the field of classic Citroens.  Paul is honest, fair, and very good at providing me with new or used parts that work perfectly an efficiently.  I cannot thank Paul enough because no matter what question I ask about my car, he always has an answer.  Take it from me, Citroen Classics of America is the right place for your Citroen.

- Mike O.

Mike O DS.png
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