Citroens Classics’s automobiles are available for purchase.  If you see something you like, let us know and we would be happy to tell you more about the car, its history, and even schedule an appointment so that you can see and experience the car in person.  Our classic Citroen guru will be available to answer any questions you may have about the car, the type of service that has been done to it, how it runs, and what may be necessary to get it into 100% perfect condition to meet your needs. 


If you don’t see what you want, give us a call anyway since we have a network of connections to help you.  Additionally, we have a number of project cars not listed here.  Call us to learn more.

1967 Citroen 2CV

1972 Citroen SM

1972 Red Citroen SM - Driver Front
1972 Red Citroen SM - Front
1972 Red Citroen SM - Back Side
1972 Red Citroen SM - Back
1972 Red Citroen SM - Front Interior
1972 Red Citroen SM - Dash
1972 Red Citroen SM - Front Seats
1972 Red Citroen SM - Rear Interior

Color:  Red

Drivetrain:  FWD

Engine:  V6

Interior:  Brown leather

Mileage:  102,500  miles

Model:  SM

Price:  call for price

State:  California

Transmission:  Manual

Trim:  Standard

Vehicle Type:  Two door

VIN:  SB4958

Year:  1972

Comments:  This one of a kind SM was the first US spec Citroen to hit US soil in 1971.  This special car was used to promote the Citroen SM and traveled from east to west coast, ending up in San Francisco where a famous private detective, Hal Lipset saw it at a 1971/72 auto show and convinced Citroen to sell him the car after its tour.  Ben Harroll, a San Diego private detective, bought the car from Hal Lipset.  Ben collected extensive documentation on the car including the original sales receipt and DMV documents showing the previous owners.  The car is in very good condition mechanically.  In 2019 the gas tank was refurbished, the fuel pump was replaced, and the carburetors were rebuilt.  Ten years ago, Citroen Classics rebuilt the top end with stainless steel valves, replaced all the timing chains, and minimal mileage was put on the car since then.  The car runs and drives very well.  This car features one of the rare metal sunroofs installed by American Sunroof Co.  The paint and interior are original presentable condition. 

1972 Citroen DS21 Pallas



Color:  Vert Argente AC 527

Drivetrain:  FWD

Engine:  4 cylinder

Interior:  Leather

Mileage:  33,200 miles

Model:  DS21 Pallas

Price:  $46,000

State:  California

Transmission:  Citromatic

Trim:  Pallas

Vehicle Type:  Sedan

VIN:  4658207

Year:  1972

Comments:  Why wait?  This car is ready to enjoy immediately.  This is the perfect car for someone who desires a turnkey car and doesn’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the car to this condition.  This gorgeous rust-free California imported Pallas was refurbished in 2001 and a new brown leather interior was installed and is still in new condition.  The Vredestein tires are less than one year old.  The engine was rebuilt in 2001 and the top end was restored in 2016. 

1974 Citroen DS20 Pallas

1974 Citroen DS20 - Side
1974 Citroen DS20 - Back Side
1974 Citroen DS20 - Front
1974 Citroen DS20 - Back
1974 Citroen DS20 - Interior Front
1974 Citroen DS20 - Interior Back
1974 Citroen DS20 - Dash


Color:  Champagne Gold

Drivetrain:  FWD

Engine:  2 liter, 4 cylinder

Interior:  Cloth

Mileage:  94,000 miles

Model:  DS20

Price:  $19,900

State:  California

Transmission:  4 speed semi

Trim:  Pallas

Vehicle Type:  4 door

Year:  1974

Comments:  This beautiful, exceptionally quiet Euro spec car has 94K original kilometers, modern seat belts and an original interior that is in superb condition.  Recent servicing included: oil change and valve adjustment; cooling system flush and new water pump, and radiator rebuild; hydraulics flushed, new LHM, new spheres and new accumulator.  Has a 123 Ignition.  Paint is in good condition with no rust on the chassis.  This car was originally sold in France then driven briefly in the UK then imported to the US and has California license plates. 

1986 Citroen CX


Color:  Silver

Drivetrain:  FWD

Engine:  2.5 liter transverse fuel inj, 4 cylinder

Interior:  Leather

Mileage:  136,000 miles

Model:  CX

Price:  $20,000

State:  California

Transmission:  Automatic

Trim:  Prestige

Vehicle Type:  4 door

VIN:  VF7MANH0000NH5564

Year:  1986

Comments:  This classy Series II CX Prestige was imported from Germany in 1986 by the original and only owner and was modified to meet California DOT and EPA standards. It has original leather interior which is in very good condition. It features an automatic transmission, a Kenwood radio and air conditioning.

1972 Citroen DS21 Pallas

1972 Citroen DS21 Pallas - Side
1972 Citroen DS21 Pallas - Front
1972 Citroen DS21 Pallas - Back
1972 Citroen DS21 Pallas - Dash
1972 Citroen DS21 Pallas - Front Interior
1972 Citroen DS21 Pallas - Back Interior

Color:  Sable Metalisse AC 318

Drivetrain:  FWD

Engine:  2.1 inline carbureted 4 cylinder

Interior:  Gold cloth

Mileage:   92,290 miles

Model:  DS21 Pallas

Price:  $59,500

State:  California

Transmission:  Optional manual shift for Pallas

Trim:  Pallas

Vehicle Type:  4 Door

VIN:  4512758

Year:  1972

Comments:  This beauty was originally owned by Allan and his son Richard Cunningham of Cunningham BMW in El Cajon, CA, which used to be a Citroen dealer in the early 1970s.  This DS was special ordered by Richard and Allan used the car sparingly until his passing in 2007.  Citroen Classics USA acquired the car in 2008 and performed a full mechanical refurbishment.  The car was the main character in the movie “Ten Days” by director and filmmaker Daniel Guerrier.  The paint is in exceptional condition.  The car features late factory air conditioning with a rotary compressor.  The cloth interior is new.

1970 Citroen DS21 Pallas

1970 Citren DS21 - Side
1970 Citren DS21 - Front
1970 Citren DS21 - Back
1970 Citroen DS21 - Dash
1970 Citroen DS21 - Interior Front
1970 Citroen DS21 - Interior Back

Color:  Gris Nocturne AC 099

Drivetrain:  FWD

Engine:  4 cylinder

Interior:  Leatherette

Model:  DS21 Pallas

Price:  $28,000

State:  California

Transmission:  Manual 5 speed

Trim:  Pallas

Vehicle Type:  Sedan

VIN:  AC3861114

Year:  1970

Comments:  This Euro spec car started life as a DSuper and was upgraded with a 2100 cc motor and a 5-speed transmission.  The car was imported from France by the actor Stuart Townsend in 2003.  Citroen Classics USA restored the car to daily-driver condition which included new timing chain, clutch, axle boots, hydraulics and tires.  The interior and exterior has been upgraded with Pallas trim.  The car accumulated less than 2K miles since its refurbishment.  The interior was replaced in France and the exterior paint is presentable but has some flaws. 


1969 Citroen Dyane



Color:  Red

Drivetrain:  FWD

Engine:  602cc 2 cylinder

Interior:  Vinyl

Mileage:  56,000 kilometers

Model:  Dyane

Price:  $12,500

State:  California

Transmission:  Manual shift 4 speed

Trim:  Standard

Vehicle Type:  4 door

VIN: 10CB3656

Year:  1969

Comments:  This cutie has 56,000 original kilometers, is completely rust free and was imported by a Swiss woman who only used the car to run errands.  The car has new brakes, a new gas tank, electronic ignition, powder coated wheels, new tires, a new top, and will have a new interior (which hasn’t been installed yet).  The car runs and drives like new.

1967 Citroen Charleston 2CV

1967 Charleston 2CV - Front Side
1967 Charleston 2CV - Front
1967 Charleston 2CV - Back
1967 Charleston 2CV - Back Side
1967 Charleston 2CV - Interior Front
1967 Charleston 2CV - Interior Back
1967 Charleston 2CV - Dash

Color:  Black and red

Drivetrain:  FWD

Engine:  602cc 2 cylinder               

Interior:  Vinyl

Mileage:   88,593 kilometers

Model:  2CV Charleston

Price:  $18,000

State:  California

Transmission:  Manual shift 4 speed

Trim:  Charleston

Vehicle Type:  Four door

VIN:  VF7AZKA0082KA7588

Year:  1967

Comments:  This head turning Citroen 2CV has been beautifully restored with a rebuilt engine and transmission, overhauled chassis, and new exhaust system.  Additional features include new paint and upholstery, a Pioneer stereo system, sound dampening, a new high quality canvas convertible top, new galvanized support beams, low mileage tires, and new rubber trim.  A 360 degree video is available upon request.

1972 Citroen DS21

1972 White Citroen DS21 - Three Quarter.
1972 White Citroen DS21 - Front
1972 White Citroen DS21 - Back
1972 White Citroen DS21 - Left Side

Color:  White

Drivetrain:  FWD

Engine:  4 cylinder

Interior:  Red cloth

Mileage:   56,700 miles

Model:  DS21

Price:  $34,500

State:  California

Transmission:  Citromatic

Trim:  Standard

Vehicle Type:  Sedan

VIN:  4661640

Year:  1972

Comments:  This beautiful white Citroen DS has been sorted mechanically and is in daily driver condition.  It is a U.S. spec import and the headlights have been converted to European turning headlights.  The paint looks good other than some minor damage on the right front fender.  The interior is mostly original except for the upper rear seat which has been re-covered with matching red cloth supplied by a European upholstery kit vendor.  The kit’s front seats and lower rear seat are available and can be installed upon request.  Tires are new Vredestein 185/15.  The stainless is in excellent condition.  This has always been a California car with original blue plates and has absolutely no rust or rust repairs.